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Print Inspection & Large format printing


Printing Proofreading Solutions

Inspection of pre-press and


Inspection of

pre-press and post-press


Film Object Relocation System

Solution for

Spot UV/ Hot stamping /Die cut alignment problem

Solution for

Spot UV/

Hot stamping /

Die cut alignment problem


Large format printing Process optimization

File conversion /Image merging / Accounts receivable system

File conversion /

Image merging / Accounts receivable system

Solutions for prepress errors

TellRight Proofreading Software

The printing proofreading errors always cause problems for printing press and enterprises. There are tiny mistakes that is hard to detect with naked eye during each step of processes.

EAB Technology develops TellRight printing proofreading solutions, provide the quality control software for reconfirmation at different printing stages. From file inspection to receiving quality inspection, you can find suitable products!


preRIP quality control software


postRIP quality control software


scanned printed sheet quality control software


postRIP page-dividing proofing software

Solution for post-press finishing industry


Film Object relocation System

ARP Film Object relocation System is developed for post-press finishing industry. ARP was designed to check the position of areas which was reserved for spot UV, hot stamping, and die cut…etc. It can reposition the file and output the aligned film or EPS file. You can improve post-press job easier, faster and more precise.

Dedicated software for large format printing

Datoo Process optimization software

As equipment is constantly updated and the output speed is getting faster, whether the operators can keep up with output speed has become the key points. Most people don’t realize that they wasted a lot time for routine file conversion, process files, and make work orders.

EAB Technology provide various softwares for file conversion, image merging and divide image. We stepped in from the perspective of pre-press operators and developed a special receivable system for the large format printing. Datoo software can help you create greater production capacity under the existing scale and without wasting manpower!


File conversion software

Processing registration marks / divide image / white ink / cut-lines/ enlarge image


File conversion software


file conversion/ divide image / enlarge image


Image merging


Processing image merging (including white ink layer and cut-line layer)

Available online

Practical software for you!

Datoo series


File conversion software

For CDR files that contains multiple images of various sizes and resolution.

Dedicated software for large format printing

TellRight series


Add bleed automatically

Applicable: Business card, book, flyers, catalogues etc.

Speed: 1000 sheets/1hr

Apply to CorelDraw files only




開發給大圖輸出中心處理CorelDRAW多物件檔案 切圖/轉檔的外掛軟體


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