ARP Film Object relocation System

Solving the position errors for

Spot UV/Hot stamping /Die cut

Suitable for post-press finishing industry.

Reposition the file and output the aligned film or EPS file.


What’s ARP

ARP Film Object relocation System is a solution for post-press finishing industry developed by EAB Technology. ARP was designed to check the position of areas which was reserved for spot UV/hot stamping /die cut…etc. It can relocate the position and output the correct film or EPS file. You can improve post-press job easier, faster and more precise.

Due to the minor size change of paper during the printing process, the printed sheet cannot align with the film precisely. It can often cause inaccurate positioning for spot UV, hot stamping, and die cut. It’s costly either you cut the film manually, or just waste the inaccurate printout. Either way, it is very troublesome for the printing press. In addition, there are some post-press position problems which cannot be fixed manually, for example: printing after hot stamping.

Traditional workflow

position errors

ARP workflow

Position accurately adjusted


Software & hardware



Why you need ARP

It’s costly to manually cut the

film and post them on the right position.
quality control issues.
The raise of cost on
reproducing film.
The raise of cost on reproducing film.

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