Q1. Can I install software on multiple computers with one license?

No, one license just for one computer. We offer an optional software "Client" that can operate on other computers for multiple users. The premise is “Client” and main software must be in same network system.  

Q2. Are the software Mac compatible?

Our products support windows operating system only.

Q3. After purchasing the product, what should I do if we need maintenance or updates?

You can sign a maintenance contract or pay-per-use to maintain or update your software.

Q4. Can I customize the software function?

Yes, please tell us about your ideas, we will do the feasibility evaluation.

Q5. Other questions 

Please contact us during office hours

Monday to Friday

9:00-18:00 Taipei time (GMT+8)

TEL: +886-4-23166162

Email: tellright888@gmail.com

LINE ID : @ypr7713x

WeChat : tellright_software

F&Q for software purchased online

Q1. System suggestion for a installing software 

The system level will affect the speed of the software. Each software introduction page has recommended system accordingly.

Q2. Usage term 

The usage term depends on the plan you purchased. The software will terminate when it is exceeded the usage

term. You can operate it after purchasing the software again.

Q3. How to install 

We provide the online tutorial video.

Please go to the page: Resource > Operate

watch the operation demonstration video or download the instruction manual

Q4. Possible reasons for unsuccessful download/installation

Please confirm whether it is blocked by anti-virus software. You can temporarily disable the anti-virus software, and then reactivate the anti-virus software after installation.

Q5. How to activate the software again after repurchase?

You will receive a new authorization code after payment, just inter the new code and you should be ready to go.

Q6. Return and exchange policy 

According to "The Regulations on Reasonable Matters as Exceptions to Rescind the Distance Sales" stipulated in Article 19-2 of the "Consumer Protection Act", any of the download software, information, and e-books that you purchased cannot be returned or exchanged once the package is opened unless it is empty or unusable. Since the software purchased online has provided a "7-days Free Trial", the cooling-off period will not be provided after the purchase of the software. Please read the product description carefully and reconfirm that there is a need and willingness to purchase the product before placing an order. If you have any questions, please contact EAB Technology for customer service inquiries.

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