Designed for

large format printing


registration marks/

divide image/

white ink/ cut-line

Apply to Wide Format Flatbed Printer,

UV Printer, and Cutter


What's DatooPro

DatooPro is automation software for large format printing. It can do the file conversion, split the image, add registration marks, separate the white ink and cut-line layers. After the reviewer confirms that customer's files meet the requirements, the remaining works can go through by DatooPro.


Compatible / Output

Compatible : ai

Output: tiff / eps / pdf

White ink

The white ink layer separates from the file automatically, enlarge it to the output size, and saved as EPS or PDF format.


The cut-line layers separate from the file automatically, enlarge it to the output size, and saved as EPS or PDF format.

Divide image

If the output size is too big to print, the software will split the image (including white ink layer and cut-line layer), and add bleed automatically. It helps save the materials.

Registration marks

DatooPro can add registration marks automatically. You can set different shapes of marks and two-marks distance by yourself.

Categorize the Files

The completed files can be saved in different folders according to your setting.

CMYK layer

The software can enlarge the CMYK layer to the output size and convert to TIFF, EPS or PDF format.

These functions that can be set:

(1) Automatically determine the resolution from the size, for example: 300cm x 300 cm will be save as 72 dpi, 50cm x 50 cm will be save as 150 dpi.

(2) Color mode setting: You can choose from the RGB or CMYK mode.

(3) Thumbnails: DatooPro can make thumbnails while files are in converting process.

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series software


If you need multiple formats conversion, without using white ink or cut-lines, DatooA2T is your choice.


It can do the image merging, and file that containing cut-line or white ink.


For CDR files that contains multiple images of various sizes and resolution, CDRtool can help you!

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